The Post House Inn and Conference Centre
Bragg Creek residents once came here to pick up their mail and connect to the outside world. Now the Post House is a rustic venue where our patrons connect with nature, each other and themselves.

a place to gather

Are you looking for the perfect venue for small to medium group gatherings? It's just a short drive from Calgary to Bragg Creek, which is a natural playground to recharge and reconnect your team or to get that uninterrupted time to get an important job done.

1300 square feet can seat up to a maximum of 40 guests in a warm and comfortable setting. Includes parking, wi-fi access, projector screen and all tables, chairs and furniture. Rates vary from $40-$80/hour or $300-$625/day based on the number of guests.

What else do we offer?

Other options are available to make your meeting space experience exactly the way you want it.


Don't want to use the catering service and don't want to go out? Then bring your own food and beverages, which can be stored and served out of the attached kitchen. Includes oven, fridge, microwave, all utensils and serving dishes. A flat rate fee of $49.95 + GST.

If you would like to bring meals in from elsewhere but use our dishes/utensils there is a $2.00 per person fee to help offset sanitization costs.


Options include breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and non-alcoholic beverage service, all prepared in our separate commercial kitchen so that your team won't be disturbed. Full catering service is a per person fee of $59.95 + GST.

Or, if that is too many goodies for your group, let's talk about other options!


For when you and your team would like drinks throughout the day but want to do your own thing for lunch. We will provide a Keurig machine for coffee, tea and hot water, as well as a small fridge stocked with non-alocholic beverages for $6.95 + GST per person.

We will stock the fridge, provide the Keurig and serve a snack for $9.95 + GST per person.

we would love to hear from you!

Contact us for more information or to find out what dates are available!